Dr Ristic Health Centre gynecology ordination provides examinations aimed for all women, from ‘teen’ age, middle age to elderly.

Gynecology service of „Dr.Ristić“Health centre deals with mostly preventive systematic health checks, but also examinations aiming diagnostics and treatments of genital tracts diseases.
Such examinations include bimanual examination, colposcopy, Papanicolaou culture test and ultrasound examination.

Bimanual examination is form of examination by palpitation and ensures the general insight of the women’s genital organs condition, particularly the condition of uterus, ovaries and the surrounding tissues.
Papanicolaou culture cervical test has the purpose of early detecting of changes in cervix as such changes, if not detected in time, might turn into malign changes.
Vaginal secret (VS) is the level of vaginal purity
Colposcopy is microscopic examination of cervical surface and vulva that in combination with Papanicolaou culture test results can provide accurate level of cervix changes that might turn into malign changes – the probability of such examination and PAP test results accuracy is 95%.
Ultrasound examination including abdomen (with full urine bladder) or vaginal ultrasound probe can reliably diagnose eventual changes on internal organs, first of all cervix and ovaries. It enables a detailed examination of internal organs anatomy of women and it is possible to have accurate diagnostics of cervical or ovary tumors, causes of infertility in women, follow-up of  the growth of follicle – foliculemetry, etc. Ultrasound examination can also be used for follow up of the inflammation processes in pelvic area and the effects of the prescribed therapy.

Aiming prevention and early diagnostics it is recommended to have gynecology examinations twice a year. The calendar of  Dr Ristic Health Centre  actions will allow women to have the examinations with 50% of discount in March and October.

Gynecology service includes PREGNANCY follow up:

  • Diagnostics of pregnancy, pregnancy test
  • Health control during pregnancy
  • Control of pregnancy risks
  • Biochemical screening of possible chromozomepathy

Diagnostics of early pregnancy is very important because of several reasons and it includes:

  • Bimanual examination,
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Laboratory analysis of blood (beta HCG)
  • Laboratory analysis of urine

In case of wanted pregnancy, Dr Ristic health Centre gynecology service enables possibility of performing  pregnancy and labour control process till the date of  delivery.
It includes regular monthly visits to  your gynecologist. These examinations include measuring the  women’s blood pressure, body weight, laboratory analyses, microbiology and virusology examinations and ultrasound examinations.
Modern ultrasound devices are constructed in the way to learn very much about fetus condition without any risk for mother and her future child. Ultrasound examination will show the biometry, build, circulation and various organs function systems of the fetus. That is how ultrasound has become so important, crucial in fight for healthy posterity.
Ultrasound device is necessary for diagnostics of pathology conditions in pregnancy, such as extrauterine pregnancy, fetal abnormality, intrauterine fetus death, miscarriages, etc.

4D Ultrasound represents the latest version and achievement of ultrasound technology including tree dimension picture in real time frame. The results are ‘live’ pictures of your sill unborn baby in real time. The time has come, finally, for parents and doctors to watch live the emotional life of their baby months before its actual birthday!
Bimanual examinations are performed only three times in the course of pregnancy (under condition the pregnancy is normal)
CTG  RECORD is a method that gives information on heart function of the baby and at the same time about eventual uterine contractions.
In case of RISK PREGNANCIES the doctors are much cautious and depending on the risk level and sort of risk, we implement, if needed, some other examinations. Such examinations are introduced in order to ‘labor the pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.
BIOCHEMICAL SCREENING OF CHROMOZOMEPATHY has been introduced into medical practice lately and it serves as a method how to detect possible risk of eventual chromozomepathy (genetic basis disorder)based on the results of mother’s blood tests and ultrasound examination of the baby.

GYNECOLOGY in the Health Centre Dr Ristic includes INTERVENTIONS such as:

  • Application of coil,
  • Extraction of coil,
  • Biopsy ,
  • Removal of condiloma (high-frequent radio-waves)

Aiming to find solutions we implement:
Hormone analyses ,
Ultrasound diagnostics  (classical, through abdomen with full urine bladder, by vaginal probe, or by rectal ultrasound examination)
Cytology diagnostics (microscope examination of cells found in taken culture),
Histopathology diagnostics (microscopic examination of the parts taken from biopsy tissues)
Bacteriology diagnostics with detection of intracellular microorganisms (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma)
Virusology diagnostics

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